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Private digital photography classes in Orlando, Florida

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Camera-specific issues

On- and Off-Camera flash operation

Photoshop and Lightroom

Monitor calibration and color management

Lighting and photography for cosmetic surgery

Basic digital photography

Studio lighting

Product photography

"I have not thanked you properly yet for a wonderful instruction you gave me on Sunday. Hands on experience with professional guidance was what I needed. Thanks again for your good natured guidance. It was very pleasant, fun and educational. I definitely do not say that about all the classes that I have taken."

"Susan, thanks again for spending so much time with me last Friday. I really enjoyed it, and you are so helpful." Kim M.

"Thanks for your time on Friday - you are a wealth of knowledge". Wendy A.

"The 2 hours we spent were really worth it. I can tell you I learned more in 2 hours than what I did with ******* in 3 sessions." Lily W.

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We look forward to scheduling your private class very soon.

Some examples of recent private classes

What students say about our private classes

Harmon's School of Photography offers private classes in most aspects of digital photography.

We can schedule these at your home or place of work, at the Harmon Photo store in Orlando, or at our home in Longwood.

Private classes are $60 per hour, plus a $10 travel charge if we come to you.

Private sessions can be very cost-effective as they can be arranged to fit your schedule and to cover the material that you specifically need to help you.

Whether you are having problems understanding your new camera, cannot fathom things like exposure and white balance, going crazy trying to get good prints, or just about anything else, a private class with Susan or John will get you on the right road.

We can even accompany you on a shoot to give you on-the-job help.

Call (407) 227-6680 or e-mail photoclasses@ to discuss your needs and schedule a private class today. You can also use the response form on the right of this page.

Private Classes